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Italian catering packages for your next special occasion!


We kindly request a minimum of 48 advance hour notice on all orders. All orders are to-go for delivery. Delivery Fees may be applicable.

On a budget or have special dietary needs or food allergies?
Ask us to create a menu special for you and your needs!


Build your pasta pan:  Choose penne or farfalle pasta, marinara or aglio de olio (roasted garlic and olive oil) sauce, smoked beef or flame-grileld marinated chicken bites.  Choose garden salad with homade creamy garlic ranch or Italian salad with homemade Italian vinaigrette.
$10 per person


Build your pasta pan:  Choose penne or farfalle or linguine pasta, creamy garlic formaggio or red pepper tomato basil sauce, flame-grilled homemade Italian meatballs or flame-grilled marinated chicken bites OR smoked Marsala Mushroom Farfalle Pasta Pan.  Choose baby spring mix salad, garden salad or Italian salad with choice of homemade creamy garlic ranch, lime cilantro or Italian vinaigrette.
$12 per person


Choose any of the build your own pasta pan options above and one of our specialty pasta pans OR choose two speality pasta pans which are: Smoked Beef Lasagna Pasta or Artichoke Spinach Lasagna Pasta or Hunter Stroganoff; Choose one salad and one dressing and choose between Country Italian Green Beans or Roasted Garlic Veggies.
$14 per person


Flame-Grilled Marinated Turky Ribs seasoned with rosemary, thyme and special herbs, Cheesy Potato Casserole, Smoked Sweet Potato Giri (Rounds), Smoked Veggie Stuffing, Buttered Corn, Country Italian Green Beans, Rolls and Smoked Cinnamon Apple Delight.
$22.50 per person
$18 per person with only 2 veggies

*Flame-grilled marinated chicken bites can be put
on the side for $1 more per person.
All orders come with plates, napkins, cutlery and baked garlic bread bites


Add a choice of a gallon of P-Bell’s homemade Sweet or UnSweet Tea or a gallon of lemonade with cups and a choice of one dozen cookies or fruit cups for $25 more!

    • Flame-Grilled Homemade Italian 
    • Meatballs – $15 per dozen 
    • 5 lbs of flame-grilled marinated chicken bites – $40 
    • Smoked Veggie Balls – $20 per dozen 
    • Flame-Grilled Marinated Chicken Wings Basic Platter (30 wings, celery veggie tray, pine of homemade ranch, pine of homemade wing sauce) -$60
    • Flame-Grilled Chicken Wings Mega Platter (50 wings, celery veggie tray, pint of homemade wing sauce, Garlic Parmesan Potato Wedges or Potato Giri, Fresh Fruit, Gallon ofP-Bell’s Tea or Lemonade) – $90 
    • Gallon of P-Bell’s Homemade Sweet or Unsweet FruiTea -$8 
    • Gallon of Lemonade – $6 
    • Dozen Cookies – $15 
    • 2 Dozen Brownie Bites – $18

We also have appetizers, veggie trays, anti-pasto trays, fruit trays and more!

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