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Family Focus First

“Our vision is to help families by educating them on healthy lifestyles through food, fellowship and fun.”  (In essence, family unit, healthy eating/cooking, activities, communication, serving the community) 

Our customers are: Family units – structured with parents or guardians and a child or children under the age of 18

The problem: Families are too busy.  This results in not spending enough time together, not eating healthy, not communicating, not being active, not caring about the community around them.  Thus, our children, families, communities, and society are deteriorating.  It starts at home.

The resolution: Everyone needs to eat.  The best time to get together is dinner.  Research shows that when families sit down to eat dinner together, children do better academically, are healthier and are better socially, culturally and even spiritually (to name a few).  Family Focus First wants to educate families on how to do this again by offering:

    1. Cooking classes for parents and kids (healthy) – basic, easy and quick


    2. Our Family Focus First Newsletter (a copy attached) which will include an article about the benefits of eating dinner together….eventually it will expand on the educational level of healthy eating and lifestyles.  It will include a healthy recipe, a healthy eating tip, resources (as we expand and collaborate with other non-for-profits) and my personal creation and favorite, the Family Focus First Challenge section which includes:


      1. A communication question challenge – “Dinner Talk” a question to ask at the dinner table to encourage communication.


      2. An activity challenge: – a challenge for the family to do something together physically for their health


      3. A community challenge – a challenge for the family to do something together for the communy building a bond with the family and helping the community at the same time.  As we partner with other non-for-profits, we will feature one each month and highlight them in the newsletter and focus on their needs in the community and do an article on them, etc. (as long as it is alignment with family/health, etc.)


      4. A Super challenge – a challenge for the family to do something that is active and for the community, i.e. breast cancer walk or walk with a doc.


    3. The initiative would need a building (we prefer a home that is turned into a licensed kitchen and is set up for cooking classes and other various activities, family fun nights,  – a homey ambiance), and an area in the back where Anthony can grill and teach grilling.  Also an area in the back with a nice yard possibly for a community garden or herbs (so I can teach canning classes at least), have family picnic days, etc.


    4. The building originally was supposed to be a part of The Black Italian and all of the things listed above but include the part where families could ALSO pick up homemade meals to take to home their families and a copy of their newsletter if they were too busy to cook and at least have the homecooked meal and inspiration of the FFF education – including announcements about upcoming classes, family fun nights, etc.


    5. We also would like to host a children’s camp at some point where we could do basic cooking 101 with kids and maybe even an internship for older children.


    6. We would invite other mentors and business leaders/non-for-profits leaders, etc. in to be a part of the movement in bringing Families Together again!